Disconnect to Reconnect

Here we are, 2019 has begun and from what I can see- everyone is coming out swingin! At least that’s what is being portrayed on social media. Of course there are new goals and and people sharing 2018 defeat stories in the new year.

If you have an iPhone and you’ve checked your “screen time” then you’d understand why. Who doesn’t begin their day by grabbing their phone and scrolling through texts, emails, social media, and news. By utilizing this feature I can see that I’ve spent an average of 3 hours and 5 minutes on my phone surfing the web, checking texts, flipping through social media and so on. 3 hours a day equals 21 hours this week. How many books could I have read? How much time in the gym did I skip out on because “I didn’t have enough time”?

For years I have committed to a “digital detox”, not just in January but whenever I feel it’s needed. And that time has definitely come! So I’ve deleted social media apps from my phone- deleted, not deactivated. I’ve learned that I will check them periodically, usually to reference something or retrieve information.  By not having the apps on my phone, I will limit the reasons I use my phone. You’d be surprised how many times you grab your phone to check something, without even thinking, and end up wasting 5 or 20 minutes. It may not seem like a lot, but over a week it suddenly can add up to 21 hours. Hours that you can’t get back.

So here it is, a list of ways to disconnect in order to reconnect.

Write down your values. Curating a list of importance so that you can achieve what you deserve. This is one of my favorite new tools.

When making decisions, revert to your values. Seems simple enough right? Well it’s not. It’s pretty darn hard actually.  My list, for example, has things like: lose weight, eat healthy, don’t watch a lot of tv. Which means: get off your ass and go to the gym, stop eating pizza and all of the cheeses, and tell my bf “No, I don’t want to watch a movie. I’m going to read instead.” Challenging but not impossible.

Get rid of notifications.  Don’t let notifications interrupt your day. Notifications disrupt our thought process. Imagine having coffee with a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile and their notifications continue to interrupt your time together. That’s exactly what alerts do- they alert you to stop what you’re doing and refocus your attention and energy to things that probably don’t really matter. Take your life back. And if your feathered to an Apple Watch- we can’t be friends. I dont Want to devote my attention to someone that can’t spend 30 minutes or an hour with me. 

Schedule time to be online. It kind of takes the fun out of it right? Placing actual blocks on your schedule will give you a visual of how much time you’re wasting on your device. 21 hours!!!

Challenge yourself to NOT use your phone. Every time we have a question or need directions, we reach for our phone. Have you ever tried to get somewhere without using MAPS or by simply trying a new route? We use our phones and computers for everything.

Change texts and emails into phone calls and meetings. I have a client that does not communicate well via text- whether  its text message or email. By scheduling a weekly call (15-30 minutes) they are forced to put their thoughts on paper, we talk through any challenges and discuss logistics. Projects are being completed much feaster, goals are being met, and we’ve established a better understanding for each other.

Schedule your worth. Knowing your values and making decisions that speak to them help to solidify your self-worth. My schedule changes often, so I have to work with whatever the week presents. Which means I have to asses weekly how to fit it all in, because there is time if you know what’s important to you.