CBD: But will it get me high?



CBD has been known to combats, balances, minimizes, lessen and reduces inflammation, oil production, anxiety and seizures. What doesn’t this plant do?

One of the first questions I’m asked is “Will I get high?” The simple answer is no. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, to be exact) is the “intoxicating” ingredient. THC also has many benefits, although, if you’re like me; you don’t like to feel high. I also wouldn’t recommend smoking and driving or operating heavy-machinery and all the various other activities that you wouldn’t do while drinking.

While CBD has show to minimize anxiety and has very powerful anti-seizure properties, it doesn’t “intoxicate” the brain. This means you reap all the benefits without feeling buzzed. Although… I’ve heard of a few people who’ve taken extremely high doses and have felt a “high”. A good rule of thumb is to start low, 2-25mg depending on the efficacy of the product, which can vary by crop, production, and distribution. Do your research and talk to people to figure out which brand is right for you. We suggest buying local whenever at all possible.

One of the best parts of the job? Sampling the products! Aside from smoking CBD, did you know that CBD comes in creams, gels, patches, oils, and sublingual?

Our favorites are:

CBD Houston LLC as our local favorite. A variety of flavors available as well of doses available ranging in 350mg-1000mg bottles

Mary’s Nutritionals and Mary’s Nutritionals PETS has been a long standing, Colorado based business with on-line shopping available. Which means it can be sent to anyone in the US. Our favorites the Elite Patch and the Transdermal Help Relieve Cream with menthol. We also love the mature and discreet packaging.

The newest patches by La Mend- The Good Patch are cute and easy to read. With 4 hemp based blends and 4 non-hemp blends, you can choose from a variety of scents based on what may ail you.

If you’re into smoking, which I don’t encourage based on the theory that smoking is bad for your lungs period… but also sometimes being a smoker… we suggest Dosist Calm CBD disposable pen. It’s sleek, buzzes at each 2.225mg dose, and tastes yummy.

Oh, and lastly; there isn’t THC in legit CBD products (well less than .3%) so you don’t have to worry about failing a drug test.

But don’t listen to us. Make your own choices. Read more. Trust your Heart.